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Sometimes life is not about grand gestures or expensive gifts, and sometimes as much as we would like to splash the cash, we can’t. That’s why we love this range of little gifts from East of India which although small say a lot about how much you care.

Our favourite has to be the You Are Loved Small Porcelain Bowl, plain and simple in both it’s design and message. It is just a perfect gift as a place to store loose change on a desk, jewellery on a dressing table or as a purely decorative item just about anywhere.

East of India You Are Loved Porcelain Trinket Dish

A lovely gift for that special someone and at only £4.50, a small gift that says a lot.

At this time of year we all have friends who may have made a New Year’s resolution, right about now is when most people start to give up on that challenge or change they want to make.

What better way to give a little encouragement than with one of the East of India Believe You Can Porcelain Oval decorations, to remind them that they can do it. A special gift and only £5.00

East of India Believe You Can Porcelain Oval

Although the days might still be dull and dark, the promise of better days ahead is sometimes just enough to get us all through wintry days. We all know how a cup of tea always seems to make everything better so if you have a friend in need of cheering up the East of India My Sunshine Porcelain Heart Coaster is a great reminder of sunshine days ahead and friends who help make the grey skies disappear.

East of India My Sunshine Porcelain Heart Coaster

On a desk, coffee table or dressing table this thoughtful gift will spread some sunshine for only £6.25

We have lots more gifts in the East of India Range which are both heartfelt, thoughtful and easy on the pocket, why not take a look at the full range we stock.

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